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Baby Boy Daniel


Lydia, Pennsylvania - This is my precious baby boy Daniel, using the Jessica kit (head, arms, legs & body). He can sucks his thumb & can have a real baby pacifier (the ones with small nipple). I love this cutie so much--he looks just like my son when he was a baby. I had such a good time putting him together.



Rossella, Italy - I sewed this teddy bear using your joints and bear eyes. They are very safe for small children. I love your online shop for several years. I hope you like my teddy bear.

My Bears


Lori - I used to make bears all the time back in the 90's and I used buttons for joints for their arms & legs. I have recently started to make them again since I now have a 2 year-old granddaughter. I ordered joints from you and I love them! So much easier than the buttons and more secure. I also have ordered eyes and noses. I am so glad I researched and found you!

“Splendor in the Grass"


My name is Shelley Magnussen. I live in the Seattle area and I’m a long-time customer. This is a “Jessica arms/legs/head set” purchased from CRs Crafts. I assembled this doll with a jointed body which I sewed, using CRs Crafts bear joints. I also sewed the purple satin dress. I have a doll ministry. We only buy high-quality dolls. Of all the dolls we use, these are the most economical. My favorites!

Amy & Joanie


Sandra, Annandale, MN - I've always loved dolls! Recently I started making soft sculptured jointed dolls. On my Amy & Joanie dolls I used Ponte Flesh Fabric, doll joints, fisherman sandals, patty cake shoes and anklets. I'm so pleased with CR's Crafts products and their excellent service.

Blue Jean Bear & Friends


Judith, Alden, IA - I am working with a 12 year old girl, teaching her to sew. She is making bears for her fair project this year, using her great-grandma's clothes. The top blue bear is from a jeans jumper. The other three bears are from different patterns I tried to see which would be best for her to make. We are using CR's Crafts bear joints.

Bedspread Bear


Judith, Alden, IA - This is the second 4-H project bear made from the great-grandmother's bedspread. The tie is from a shirt and the vest is from a wool jacket.

Crocheted Bottle Babies


Ruth, Albert Lea, MN

Crocheted Bottle Baby


Ruth, Albert Lea , MN - These cute crochet Bottle Babies were made with the 3” heads and hands I recently purchased at the CR’s Crafts store. They make a cute 9” doll and a great gift.

10" Teddy Bear


Brenda, Ontario - I crafted this 10" teddy bear. The fur, eyes & nose were purchases from CR's Crafts. It is also jointed at the arms, legs & head. These joints also came from CR's Crafts.

Bailey's Rooted Hair


Dory - Bailey's rooted hair is dark brown English mohair.

Bella's Rooted Hair


Dory - Bella's rooted hair is auburn English mohair.

Memory Bear


My name is Margaret Watson. I make memory bears and memory quilts. I always use CR’s safety eyes for my bears.

Farmer's Rooted Hair


Dory - Farmer is my first doll where I rooted the hair. I used your English mohair. I also rooted a second doll's hair, Madison. I also did the eyelashes on both dolls.

Fuzzy & Fuzzy Jr.


Fran, Mason City, IA - Fuzzy & Fuzzy Jr. are two of Fran's many bears she has designed. The fur, eyes & noses were all purchased from CR's Crafts. She also makes their cute collars.

Punkin the Scarecrow


Cheryl, Beattyville, Ky - I love to crochet animals & dolls. I'm so happy I found CR's Crafts. They have every eye I need for all my projects. There are eyes I've never seen before. Every time I come to this site I feel like a kid in a candy store! This is Punkin my first scarecrow.



Dajihira Jo



Dajihira Jo - His name is Jaeger, and he's a spinosaurus. He's almost my height from head to tail tip--5'8". The entire main body of fabric from CR's Crafts. The fin, teeth, and spikes were from somewhere else. The eyes were also hand-made, because I cannot find anything in the size he needed. Thank you!

Rudy Bear


Carrie, Ohio - I've been using CR's Crafts since the first bear I ever made. I have never submitted photos but I think it's time. This first pic is Rudy. He was made with 14mm glass eyes, joints, and fur from CR's Crafts.

Little Miss Sunshine Bear


Carrie, Ohio - This is Little Miss Sunshine. She has joints and eyes from CR's Crafts. She lays on her stomach. All my bears have parts from your site. I'm a very loyal customer. Facebook - & Website -

'Butterfly' Minki Teddy


Kathryn, Bermuda - Meet ‘Butterfly’, a Minki Teddy to go with a heirloom christening quilt I made. The back of the quilt is also the white Minki. You must know already how relieved I am to use your ‘child safe’ bear eyes and noses! I have all the confidence when giving my teddy bears as gifts! Thank you for sharing on your Gallery page.

Blond Mink Heirloom Bear


Loretta, Sundance, Wyoming - This is an 18” blond mink fur Heirloom Bear. She is wearing a sized-down replica of the dress worn by the mother of the bride. The eyes are 15mm custom-color eyes painted blue, the nose is 35mm triangle leather-look, and the joints are 1 3/4" cotter pin--all were purchased from CR's Crafts.

Retirement Bear


Loretta, Sundance Wyoming - This bear is a 22” retirement gift for a very special lady that worked for many years in a daycare. She has custom-color safety eyes painted blue along with the eye lids, bear nose, and all the joints are plastic safety joints. As always, I get all my bear making supplies from CR's Crafts.

Mink Bears


Loretta, Sundance, Wyoming - I have made these four real mink fur bears from a family collection of furs from a mother and grandmother. They are heirloom treasures and will never be for sale. They are showing off your 15mm clear eyes (sorry I paint my own) so their eyes are now blue. The eyes are also backed with the black eye lids. They also have your noses. Each bears has 5 – 1 ¾ cotter pins joints installed.

Fur Stole Bears


Loretta, Sundance, Wyoming - These white bears are from a faux fur stole that also is a family heirloom and all parts are from CR's Crafts – the eyes, nose and cotter pin joints. The one white bear with the smaller eyes has the eye socket backing on it also from you. You are my supplier for my bears. Hope to deal with you a lot more. I am now retired and can do this full time.

Graduation Bear


Hazel, Fruitland, NM - This bear was made by me last spring for my daughter who is now 53 as a part of her graduation from college gifts. I used eyes, nose and hat from CR's Crafts. Always quality products for my dolls and teddy bears.

Welcome Bears


Hazel, Fruitland, NM - I have also made these bears who sit on a trunk and welcome visitors to my home. I used eyes, nose, glasses, and hats from CR's Crafts. Thank you for being there for us.



Kathryn, Bermuda - I made a Sea Life quilt for a new baby arriving in 2014. With the scraps ‘Cousteau’ was born! Am still using your teddy bear joints, eyes and noses. I can relax when I give my bears these because I know the features are secure and safe.

Hope Bear


Luann, Moline, IL - Crocheted & embellished "Hope" Teddy bear. Crocheted hat and safety nose are from CR's Crafts.

Pabu the Fire Ferret


Hana, Houston Texas - I created Pabu the Fire Ferret costume using short pile fur fabric in burgundy and red. He has a moving jaw and a nine foot tail.

Sage the Sloth


Katelin, New Carrollton, MD - Sage is a two-toed plush sloth made with "fox" fur, dark brown safety eyes, pellets, and joints from CR's Crafts. He is about two feet tall when sitting, and his claws have steel wire in them so he can hang from things.

Memory Bears


Jerry, Weston, Ohio

Memory Bears


Jerry, Weston, Ohio

Memory Bears


Jerry, Weston, Ohio - I call them "Forget Me Not Bears". The two white bears were made for a client whose Mother passed away and asked to make a bear out of her Mother's white fleece coat. I was able to get two bears out of her coat, which she kept one and gave one to her daughter. The noses, eyes, glasses & hats are from CR's Crafts. The other bears also used items from CR's Crafts.

Cat Birdhouse


Britt - I used acrylic cat eyes from CR's Crafts to make my cat birdhouse.

Witch & Angels


Rose, Malta - I made these lovley crafts. For the witch I used the witch face, witch hat and the curly hair which i have bought from the CR's Crafts. For the angels I used the porceline angel heads and hands and the nylon wings.



Bermuda, Kathryn - Made another teddy bear using your joints, eyes and nose. His name is “Jerry.” The velvet I hand-dyed.

Blue Fursuit


Janet, Lowell, IN - Made my first fursuit this year and wasn't sure where to get the blue fur I wanted until I found CR's Crafts. Couldn't believe how easy it was to work with the fur and the quality is amazing! I am so proud of my work and CR's Crafts products that I will always check with them first for supplies I need for future purchases. I used 5 yards of Fun Fur Royal Blue.

Raggedy Ann & Andy & Friends


Laura (Aunt Laura's Doll Hospital), Tucson, AZ - Statue of Liberty, Uncle Sam, Mrs. Claus & Santa, Raggedy Ann & Andy cloth dolls.

Busl Bears


Michelle, Tennessee - These are "Busl Bears" I made with joints purchased from CR's Crafts. I love crafting bears for family and friends as gifts and special heirlooms.

Edmonton Oiler Teddy Bear


Cindy, Cumberland B.C. Canada - This Edmonton Oiler teddy bear is my own creation. He is all sewn by hand using eyes, nose, joints and skates from C.R.'s Crafts. Their service and products are great. We have no craft stores here anymore, so I will be buying all my supplies from them from now on.

Puss in Boots


Cindy, Cumberland B.C. Canada - Puss in Boots is my first cloth doll--he is all hand sewn. He is made using eyes and fur from C.R.'s Crafts. I enjoy making all my items by hand so I can sit and relax.

Gourd Characters


Margie, Salem, OR

Gourd Characters


Margie, Salem, OR

Gourd Characters


Margie, Salem, OR

Gourd Characters


Margie, Salem, OR - Margie uses CR's Crafts hats in making her unique gourd characters.

'Lips Hoolahan' Froggie


Kathryn, Bermuda - I've used your eyes for teddy bears and for fish, and now a frog!

Sable Saddie Teddy


Kathryn, Bermuda - Sable Saddie Teddy

Kato Lion


Eric, Omaha, NE - Love the product and your fast shipping and will continue using you guys always! I make only cat costumes at Here is one of many of mine. Character Costume "Kato Lion" used these CR's Crafts items: Fox Palamino, Fox Black, Fun Fur Green, Teddy Bear Honey, Beige, Teddy Bear Short Pooh, Seal Black. You are the best supplier of fake fur materials I have worked with--thank you for that!

Angelo & Phoebe


Bev, Armstrong, BC, Canada

Petra & Felicia


Bev, Armstrong, BC, Canada



Bev, Armstrong, BC, Canada - I am back into making my bears, and loving every moment of it! In making the bears I have recently used joints, glasses, skates and hats from CR's Crafts. I next look forward to creating my little cowboy (with boots and cowboy hat purchased from CR's Crafts).

Bama Bear


Charlotte, Florence AL - This is my "Bama Bear". He was created in honor of the 2009 Alabama Crimson Tide National Champions. His nose and eyes are from CR's Crafts.

Small Dolls


Judi, Huntsville, TX - Smaller porcelain sets were used to make these beautifully dressed little dolls.



Mary, Westport, CT


Mary, Westport, CT - I created these Santas with items from your company as well as used furs and fabrics from friends.

Lightpaws Head


I thought you might like a picture of the craft which my recent purchase was for. Many of my potential customers love the quality of your fur and plan to commission me to make similar outfits for them. As in turn, I will be purchasing all costume furs from you in the future.

Birthday Party Hats!


Marylou, Lafayette, LA


Marylou, Lafayette, LA - I thought you might like to see other uses of your hats, other than dolls or bears. Each year we have a birthday party for our cocker spaniel, Walter. This year, they wore your top hats, decorated. Here is a pic of all his friends wearing their pretty hats for the occasion.



Penelope, Apache Junction, AZ - I call her Betsy--as in Ross. I create my mop dolls and use a lot of Sinamay hats from your store. Also buttons, bows and sometimes lace. The Sinamay hats are very easily used to put lace on and enhance their bonnet. I've also made dolls with the little straw-like Amish hats and other straw hats you have. I made a Mrs. Beasley doll with the Amish-type hats and put your little bi-focals on her from your store. I make a lot of my dolls for Christmas--giving to families who can't afford presents for their children.

Little Ami Dogs


Molly, Texas


Molly, Texas - I use many of your products to make little ami dogs to help my rescue group with donations. The first is a Boston Patriot Terrier that I used one of your hats and flags to complete, next is Komondor Joplin, who is sporting your sunglasses, and last is Erin of Irish Setter who is modeling one of your green top hats.

Miss World 2009


Kathryn, Bermuda - I make cloth globes from a kit. As I was ironing the fabric an idea came to do a World Teddy Bear...Wahlah! She's lovely--I named her Miss World 2009.

Elvis Bear


Shauna, Belleville, IL - I made this Elvis bear out of German mohair and hardboard joints purchased from CR's Crafts. It won third prize in the craft division of the Elvis 30th anniversary competition at Graceland 2007.

Squirrel & "Bad Dog"


Sarah, Tucson, AZ

Kitten & Terrier Puppy


Sarah, Tucson, AZ

Snowy Owl


Sarah, Tucson AZ - Here are 5 pictures of some of my recent creations. I buy all my safety eyes and noses from your website to use in my work. Here is a squirrel, a "Bad Dog," a kitten, a terrier puppy, and a snowy owl.

Fish Pillows


Kathryn, Bermuda - Just wanted to share with you my Fish Pillows I quilt. I used to embroider their eyes, but not any more! Your teddy bear and cat's eyes work wonderfully! Thanking you for your most excellent products. Their uses are endless!

Paisley Girl, African Bear & Island Boy Teddies


Kathryn, Bermuda


I made Little Paisley Girl for a babyshower gift. I dressed her in a little handknitted layette set. Little Paisley Girl, African Teddy & 'Island Boy' are all made with your joints, eyes and noses. The ease of using these products make them a joy to create. It also makes a much safer toy, as you don't have to worry about little fingers pulling those eyes & noses off.

Soft Sculpture Dolls


Sharee', Millington, TN


This is such a fun thing to do for your customers! I make various soft sculpture dolls and use your soft sculpture doll fabric and your Fun Fur on my creations. I have also just recently purchased joint supplies from you so bringing the wobble head, of course most commonly used on teddy bears, to my soft sculpture doll world has been amazing. I love your store!!! Supplies used from CR's Crafts: Doll fabric, Fun Fur, cotter pins, and hardboard discs

Thanksgiving Pilgrims


Sharee used our brown Baby Boy wigs to make these Thanksgiving pilgrims.

Faux Fur Teddy Bear


Kathryn, Bermuda - Happy Thanksgiving from Scottie in Bermuda. Once again, your fabulous faux fur fabric (repeat that three times fast!) has helped create a wonderful Teddy Bear. Thank you.

Twins Rowan & Reagan


Melissa, Ogden, UT - I like the Kaitlyn head from the Diana collection and have used it for my set of twins. I used the blue-eyed doll head for both of the babies. I named them Rowan and Reagan.

Hope Bear


Eva, Fort Mohave, AZ - I made this bear for a lady who was a two year breast cancer survivor. I designed the pattern for this bear and then destroyed the pattern. It is a 14 inch bear with jointed head, arms and legs. I trimmed the white bear with pink velvet paws and a pink ribbon. She holds three pink roses as a sign of love and her name is Hope. All joints, eyes and nose are from CR's Crafts.

Robotic Dolls


Mark, Tallahassee, FL - I am a robot/android builder. These photos show my latest android baby projects of several models of robotic dolls. I am using some of your parts (one uses your Kaitlyn head). They move, talk and pretend to be real. All are equipped with sensors for interaction.

Jingle the Elf


Barbara, Dothan, Alabama - I made this elf using the plastic pellets to keep his bottom flat. They did a great job for me. He is Jingle the Elf, and I wrote a story to go with him and gifted him to my very dear friend in Texas.

Ethnic Reborn


Melissa, Ogden, Utah - I have always loved dolls, in fact I still have my first one. Reborning seemed to come really easy to me. I made the doll that I am submitting as my first attempt at an ethnic baby. I spent hours trying to get the right color and I think that she turned out very good. I used the 'Kaitlyn' browned eyed head from the Diana Collection because it had the look that I wanted for my doll.

Twin Bears


Jeri, Bellingham, WA - These cute little 14" bears were sent to us by a very nice lady from Washington. She wanted to show us the bears she makes for kids who need a "hug". Her company name is Bare's & Co. Thank you, Jeri, for your kindness.

Cloth Dolls


Darlene - Phelan, CA - I thought you might like to see my two doll patterns--my own creations.

Winter Doll


Star - A full body shot and head shot of one of my dolls.

Little Boy Doll & Clown Doll


Pauline - The little boy doll is the sweetest, cutest doll I have ever made--and I have made hundreds.

Mr. Home Improvement Bear


Viola, Burbank, CA - This is my original 15" Mr. Home Improvement Bear. I buy my clothes from CR's Crafts, then I have them printed with a name or logo. This was made for Contractor Todd. I love this outfit. It is good quality fabric, and so unique with the tool belt and hard hat (not shown). I also purchase some of your fabrics. I purchase other bears supplies from you, such as discs, stuffing, tools, and of course clothing.

Terry Teddy Bear


Kathryn, Bermuda - I just had to share these pictures with all of you! Meet Theresa (Terry for short)! I gave her to my niece on the occasion of her first birthday celebration. For years I made cloth teddys, and they are sweet, but it is the fur that really makes them come alive. Your fur fabric is the best I've seen.

Fabric Dolls Are Sent to South America


Darlene, Phelan, California - I make fabric dolls in various sizes. Each doll is a one of a kind and once I have the face on I can see the personality and can go from there in how to dress it--boy or girl--and what little miniatures to add. There is no end to the ideas for dressing up these dolls. I love doing this and work each day on them as much as I can because I know how needed they are. Once I have several ready to go I send them to, an organization a dear friend of mine and her husband started many years ago. These dolls are packaged in a pastor's care package to be given to a daughter or a person in need of a little doll to love. Then the boxes go to countries in South America where the needs are great. I purchase some of my product from CR's Crafts.

Crocheted Doll


Louise, Hawaii - Just wanted to share this picture of a doll my aunt crocheted using your product face and bottle doll that I ordered from you. It is really cute!

Curly Brown Bear


Jeanette "Jai", Lincoln, NE - My creation is a 13" fully jointed synthetic fur bear made from the curly light tan Persian lamb fur from CR's Crafts. I have sold many bears (real fur and synthetic fur) and this is my most popular one. I use it for newborns and make a blanket in either pink or blue with the baby's name and birthdate embroidered on it.

Berenguer Reborn Doll


Janice, Beaufort, NC

Bumble Bee Bear


Ruth, Nipomo, CA - This is a picture of my Bumble Bee Bear. I love the fur I get from CR's crafts and I always wanted to make a bumble bee bear pattern. I had a little extra time and the short pile fur from here is wonderful. I decided to order some black and yellow and see if I could make a pattern that looked a little like a bumble bee, this is what I came up with after looking at pictures of these bees. The bear is fully jointed and all the fur used in the making of it I bought from CR's craft web site. Since I first bought fur from them I have been spoiled and only want to buy fur from them. This bear is 15 inches tall, and does not yet have a name so I just have been calling him "The Bumble Bee Bear".

Jewish Bear


Gina, Heber AZ - This was my first attempt at bear making. When I mistakenly embroidered the nose too big, my Jewish bear was born. I cross stitched the prayer shawl he wears. I have removed his yamaka (which I originally made by cutting down one of CR Crafts black felt base ball caps) and replaced it with a black flat topped hat. (made of felt, not fur so not a true "streimel" but close enough. I also added two long curls (called peyos, I think) to the new hat one over each ear. Now he is a Hassidic Jewish bear. Both his hats, curls, eyes, glasses, joints, and pattern were all purchased at CR Crafts, the very best in high quality, low cost bear supplies.

Three Fur Bears


Gina, Heber AZ - This was my first attempt at bear making. When I mistakenly embroidered the nose too big, my Jewish bear was born. I cross stitched the prayer shawl he wears. Then I put an arm on wrong which left one paw up and one paw down and so my baseball bear arrived ready to hold his bat. I finally got it right with my poker bear. I laminated his tiny cards. He's holding the King Queen Jack 10 of hearts and a 3 of spades but peeking out underneath his hat is the ace of hearts, I named him Sneaky Pete. Their fur is buffalo hide, paws are elk. All the hats, glasses, eyes, joints, the bat, and the bear pattern were purchased from CR Crafts. Thank you for allowing me to show off my mistakes.

Russian Fitch Fur Teddy Bear


Don, Fort Morgan, CO - Russian Fitch Fur Teddy Bear Using CR's Crafts Eyes, Nose and Stuffing



Nancy, Lemont, IL - This Pegasus was made with CR's Crafts White Snow Felt, Blue Animal Eyes, Wavy Wool main and tail, and Goose Feather Angel Wings.

Berenguer Reborn


Kristen, Salt Lake City, UT - One Of A Kind Reborn Baby Doll-- A lifeless play doll that was transformed to look and feel like a real life baby! Products used from CR's Crafts were joints, cable ties, sleeping Berenguer baby doll, and mohair wig.

Sleeping Angel


Kathryn, Tampa, FL - Sleeping Angel made from a Berenguer miniature special edition, Reborn with oil and acrylic paints and hand-rooted hair. CR's Crafts product was the doll itself. Angel is not for sale.

Prison Inmate Bears


Beverly, Leland, NC - Eyes and joints from CR's Crafts. Prison Inmate Bears I made for my son that is head of Internal Affairs in the San Diego prison. I made the bears and clothing from scratch. The letters refer to California Jail bird. They are 14" fully jointed--brown bear is 100% monoacrylic fabric & beige is microplush 100% polyester. Thank you for considering my bears for photo gallary.

A Bear For A Friend


Mary, Austrailia - A gift for a friend. I used a Create-A-Critter bear.

Tiny Dolls


Charlotte, Maryland - Charlotte makes tiny knitted clothing for these 1 1/4" dolls. She was so kind to send them to us at CR's Crafts. Thank you, Charlotte.

Hope Bear in Peach Fur


Tracy, Former CR's Crafts Employee - 13" Hope Bear--one bear made from regular 100% acrylic peach short pile fur and the other made from the same fur, only distressed. Used the "Keep Hope Alive" pattern.

Create-A-Critter Panda & Cat


Roxie, CR's Crafts Employee - 17" Panda Bear & 17" Cat are from the Create-A-Critter collection. Just stuff with polyester fiberfill. I added the scarf on the panda and ribbon & bell on the cat. Easy & cute!

Frosty Friend Snowman


Clarice, CR's Crafts Founder - CR's Frosty Friend Kit for 9" snowman includes everything to make this cute snowman--pattern, white sherpa fur fabric, carrot nose, black eyes, bead mouth, buttons, scarf, cap and shovel.


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